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Hello, fellow Typists and welcome to the 10FastFingers Typing Blog.

Here you will find, Typing Tips, everything you need to know about keyboards, news and updates about 10FastFingers and everything else that is somehow related to typing. This blog is a work in progress so it might look a bit sparse at the moment but that will change over time.

If you want to share a typing tip, show-off your awesome keyboard or want to write something related to typing/keyboards, just send us an email to and we will publish your post in this blog.



150 WPM on a Minivan 44 keyboard with Matias Quiet Click switches

I’m a sucker for mechanicaly keyboards and always search youtube for sound tests for specific setups. This time I got the pleasure to listen to the sound of a Minivan 44 keyboard with Matias Quiet Click switches. The keyboard itself is lying on a sheet of bubblewrap which greatly reduces the sound of the keyboard. […]

Apple Keyboard – the best office keyboard in the world?

I’m a Windows user through and through, there, I said it! I don’t really feel that it is better or worse than OSX, it just works better for me. Its also not that I haven’t tried OSX, as I used it for around a year and during this time I had the chance to test out the […]