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Apple Keyboard – the best office keyboard in the world?

I’m a Windows user through and through, there, I said it! I don’t really feel that it is better or worse than OSX, it just works better for me. Its also not that I haven’t tried OSX, as I used it for around a year and during this time I had the chance to test out the Apple Keyboard.


Is the Apple Keyboard the best keyboard in the world?

So, what about the clickbaity title? Well, since I sold my iMac and with it my apple keyboard, I’m struggling to find a solid office keyboard. Usually I would just go with a mechanical keyboard but as I don’t want to annoy my coworkers, I have to restrict the usage for my home-office 🙁


Just to clarify: Even if your mechanical keyboard doesn’t use Cherry MX blue or “clicky” switches in general, its still a lot louder than rubberdome keyboards. 


It took me a couple of days to really get used to the Apple Keyboard, but after I got familiar with the pressure point and the feeling in general, my typing speed improved a lot to be almost on par with the speed I have on my mechanical keyboards.


What I really like about this keyboard is the feeling when you press a key. Typical rubberdome keyboards feel quite cheap but Apple manages to build something that is:

  1.  not super expensive (at least compared to mechanical keyboards),
  2. feels good and is
  3. almost silent.



So why didn’t I buy one in the first place?

Well, good question and that is what I’m currently trying to figure out. Its friday afternoon, half of the office is already at home and I snatched an apple keyboard from my coworker. I think the reason had something to do with specific key-combinations on windows, which didn’t work properly in my IDE.

apple keyboard in the office



Here are the problems I had so far (I’m on windows using a german keyboard layout):

  • Where is the @-key? – CTRL+ALT+Q
  • Where is the print-Key? (I use a tool called Lightshot for screenshots, its absolutely epic, go get it now if you are on windows!). I solved the missing F13 key with these instructions.


It might have been just the print-key that made me switch to a cheap rubberdome pc keyboard. This sounds silly but while I work on 10FastFingers I take a lot of screenshots and the print key is quite important (back then I didn’t find the answer to my problem).

Additionaly I didn’t think the Apple Keyboards were so much better than the alternative, but now that I have been back and forth, I definitely have to get myself an Apple Keyboard again!


So, is the Apple Keyboard the best keyboard for the office?

In my opinion, absolute yes! As I mentioned above: The key press feels nice, the overall board looks a lot more valueable than the average rubberdome keyboard and its super quiet! If you hate your coworkers then sure, get a mechanical keyboard with clicky switches, but if you want to have a great typing experience without a mechanical keyboard then treat yourself to an Apple Keyboard!

What keyboard do you use in the office? Does one of your coworkers has a mechanical keyboard and if so, are you annoyed by it? Let me know in the comments!