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Typing Tips: How can I type faster?


You guys frequently ask us:

  • How do I get faster?
  • How can I improve my typing speed?
  • What tips & tricks are there to type faster?


This post will show you all the tips we have collected over the last couple of years, from some of the fastest typists in the world. So buckle up, get your keyboard ready and position your fingers on the home row, here it goes:


Typing Tip #1: Practice daily

typing tip #1: daily typing practice

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to typing. All the theory in the world won’t help you if you don’t apply your gained knowledge.

The reason why only practice makes you a faster typist is simple: fast typing is based on muscle memory (you don’t have to actively think about where the “s”-key is, your muscle memory automatically positions the finger on the correct key). That is why its so important to learn how to type blind. If you use the hunt&peck method, you are actively looking for keys, this is ridiculously slow!

Just use and our free Typing Test for your daily practice routine!


Typing Tip #2: Learn to type blind

learn to type blind

Like I mentioned in the previous tip, to become a really fast typist, you have to learn how to type blind. The Hunt&Peck method or its four-finger variations, might get you up to about 40 WPM, but to really get your fingers flying, you have to stop looking at your keyboard!


Typing Tip #3: Learn how to touch type

You will see you biggest improvement by learning how to touch type. For that you can use a typing course that will teach you to use all of your 10 fingers for typing. During this process you not only learn how to reach each individually key with the appropriate finger, you also start learning how to type blind! But to really cement this information in your muscle memory, YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE DAILY!


If you are already familiar with the Top 3 Typing Tips, take a look at the next ones to get you even faster. But, if you haven’t mastered the first three tips, don’t even bother to read on! Learn the basics first and then come back here!


Typing Tip #4: coming soon


work in progress


If you want to add your typing tip to the list, just post them in the comments below.