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Post by Sturm » Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:20 am

Hi everyone,

Sorry for crapping up the forums with shitty posts of mine, but for some reason for the past few weeks I have been experiencing a decline in typing speed.

Two months ago, I would be able to type at 115 wpm max and then in about a month of usage of 10fastfingers I would be able to do 125 wpm as max speed, but in the past 2 weeks my speed has been steadily declining - and now I can sometimes type as slow as pathetic 95 wpm and I never reached a speed of 125 wpm again. I practice everyday, sometimes 3 hours a day but it doesn't help too much, I think it's making things worse. I tried taking a break for a day and then coming back to type, but that didn't do much for the speed, probably even made it worse already. I feel extremely jealous of all those guys who jump up in their typing speed in a matter of 4 months they go from 120 to 160 wpm and yet I am still stuck at some stupid 100 wpm. And I am in my early 20s, so therefore I can't say it's aging.

Did any of you face this problem? I am loosing my mind right now as what to do and would really appreciate some constructive feedback if you have any. What are your training routines and what are the websites that you use for upping the typing speed? If you use 10fastfingers solely, what exercises do you do and how much do you practice?

Also, when you guys type fast, do you tense up your fingers to type as fast as possible or do you keep them reasonably relaxed? Because I have noticed that if I tense up my fingers and try to type as fast as possible I can't type that fast anymore after about 5 minutes of typing and that really frustrates me and I was wondering if it was because of me tensing up my fingers.

I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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