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New Mechanical Keyboard

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:14 pm
by luktur
Hello Everyone!

Today I bought new keyboard! It's mechanical keyboard... I never had any mechanical keyboard in my life. I tried to type on - feel very comfy, but I'm typing little bit slower now. I usually type between 80-90, with mechanical keyboard 72-80 but I'm still making many mistakes. So how long does it usually take to get used to mechanical keyboard?

Thank You!

Re: New Mechanical Keyboard

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:20 am
by Linsk
Hello luktur,

It can range from a few hours to several weeks. It depends on the keyboard you had before, the switches you have chosen, your adaptability and the time you spend on it.

Re: New Mechanical Keyboard

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:36 am
by alexxx
It would take some time to get used to the keyboard.

Re: New Mechanical Keyboard

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:50 pm
by jeremy0atmeal
I actually find alternating between a couple of different boards with different switch types helps my speed. I dunno why, maybe it's so your muscle memory and brain kind of resets moving from one to another. I think you just have to get used to anything you use.