What's your favorite switch?

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What's your favorite switch?

Post by MrMarcie » Sun Sep 22, 2019 9:15 pm

I'm still in the proces to find my favorite switch. I now I like the clicky ones for the great feetback.

The blues (ajazz ak38) seems a little bit to light for me. I also have box whites from Kailh and they feel nice but also a little bit to light. I ordered Cherry MX blues for my hot swappable board and hope to try them out soon.

I just received my Magicforce 82 with Gateron Greens. They feel very good but they are definitively to heavy, but I bear all my high scores everywhere but after a day or so the speed is gone and my fingers feel fatigue after a while. I guess maybe the Kailh box pinks will be good. I'll order a batch soon when they are available again.

What do you recommend me and what are the best switches for you?
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