Which Fingers to use for numbers? (American vs Non-American)

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Which Fingers to use for numbers? (American vs Non-American)

Post by Jonathan » Tue Jun 02, 2020 9:31 am

Hi all,

I am quite confused since I now learned it two different ways:

Version A: (american?)
Left Hand:
1 => little finger
2 => ring finger
3 => middle finger
4, 5, (6) => index finger
Right Hand:
(6), 7 => index finger
8, => middle finger
9 => ring finger
0 => little finger

Version B (non-american):
Left Hand:
1, 2 => little finger
3 => ring finger
4 => middle finger
5, 6 => index finger
Right Hand:
7, 8 => index finger
9 => middle finger
0 => ring finger
keys right from 0 => little finger

I first learned Version B, then I relearned version A - but A feels just a bit unnatural for me.
My finger memory is now confused, and I would like to decide for A or B to relearn and reinforce my muscle memory for precise and fast numbers.

It looks like you really have both version around and both work in principle, but which one works best?

I have a kinesis freestyle pro keyboard US layout which is split in the middle and the number "6" is on the left side, so no matter which version I choose, I will type "6" with my left index finger.

My question:
If you can freely decide, what do you think is faster and/or more healthy for the fingers - A or B?

Thanks for you help,

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