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Advice on how to press B on qwerty with 10 fingers wanted

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 12:20 pm
by Stephan

Currently I'm relearning to type with 10 fingers - and have to get rid of some old bad habits.

Like for example using my right index for pressing b

This is hard for me at some points :D

Like, how do you "correctly" press b with your left index?
What does the rest of your left hand do, while pressing b?

Do you leave your the rest of your left hand over asd (on qwerty) - spreading your left index very far, compared to the right index when pressing n?

Or do you move/rotate your left hand slightly to reach "b"?

I feel like, I could teach myself right now both variations.
What would be the "correct" one?

So far I couldn't find anything online regarding this aspect.
Only "keep your fingers on home row as much as possible.."

Thank you so much :)