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Login Process

Post by Ezhan » Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:01 am

Hello Everyone i have a good suggestion about the login process i suggest that when we click at login it asks us the username and the password but the problem is when ever we enter the user name and the password and click at login it again gives the same page after we login so it happened many many times with me i login and again that login page comes up and then i think i am not logged in and i need to give username and password again and i give it like 10 times but when i see at top left side of screen i see my name there and that tells me i am logged in but i just wasted alot of time in that login process XD i think i am not the only person that has done this there will be many of people so i suggest when the username and password matches and when we logon i suggest it should give us the main page.

1.give username
2.give password
3.then it will automatically goto this page: http://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english

i hope you guys like this suggestion well i think it is necessary seriously.

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Re: Login Process

Post by Linsk » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:06 am

Hello Ezhan,

You're completely right. Indeed, it happened to me many times too, you're not alone. :lol:

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