Questions and suggestions

Comments and suggestions to help improve 10FF.
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Questions and suggestions

Post by knotenpunkt » Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:24 pm

Hey Xissi, how is it possible to achieve more than 150 wpm?

What kind of keyoboard do you use? And do you use shortcuts for words?
how you can exercise your speed or more important how you can exercise not making so much mistakes?
my wpm is ca. at 110 wpm. maybe without so much mistakes i can get 130wpm, but then 20 and more wpms are still missing^^.

Question for the developer here:
Red and green are bad colors, if you your eyes cant see the different between that colors:

Blue and yellow or Blue and Red/Green would be better color-pairs

And a secound improvement would be, if you can see after a normal Speed-Test your mistakes.
Maybe an other good extension would be a intelligent-calculation what you have to exercise to get higher wpms.

It should be possible to display that you have problems with finger 3 and 4, or so on
Or the speed between finger 2 and 3 is too high that there is the problem that you too often swap two keys into wronger order. (Or finger 4 left hand and finger 5 right hand..........)

Condition-prämisse: you use an QWERT-Y/Z keyboard and the 10 finger system. Maybe you can parameterize this, that the user can say what he use and which system he use.... 10 finger-system, 8-finger-system and so on.... which keyboard

Such like math/intelligent-calculations would be awesome, if you can implement something like that.

lg knotenpunkt

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Re: Questions and suggestions

Post by toddhicks209 » Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:54 am

Sean Wrona has been clocked at a speed of 212 wpm.

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Re: Questions and suggestions

Post by Techieey » Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:22 pm

Your suggestions are good (like analysing the user's typing pattern and guiding it), but I don't feel anyone may implement it here. See, I posted a very basic suggestion/requirement: it didn't gather any actionable response.

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