Feedback: remember wrong words

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Feedback: remember wrong words

Post by Hotice12 » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:41 am

Hi, I realy enjoy the website.

What in my opinion can greatly help people learning to type better is eliminating mistakes. For this it would be great if the system could "remember" words that you didn't type correct, and then you can view them. In order to train them it would be nice if you could play a "free mode" where you are either able to enter the words you want or can insert the "remembered" words that you typed wrong.

It's some sort of personal training, I try to write down the words I am not so fast with and then I start a test and type these words in (not finishing the test of course), however in the heart of the moment I often do not write them down :roll:

Greets Hotice

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Re: Feedback: remember wrong words

Post by jallis » Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:57 pm

I do think this sounds like a good idea, and I would also like this to be implemented somehow. I think this would fit very well in practise mode especially. :D

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Re: Feedback: remember wrong words

Post by Linsk » Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:20 pm


Yes, this has been suggested several times and is expected by many people. If you look at the first post of this topic, you will see that Chris has planned to implement this feature in the "practice mode". So good news I guess.

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