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Custom Typing Test Bug(s)

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 7:15 pm
by mcharby

Like the website, just wanted to inform about a couple bugs with the custom typing test. There appear to be three characters I have come across so far causing this problem being the '&' '=' and '#' characters.

What happens is that when I make a list of words and then include one or all of these characters, everything following it and the character itself are not included in the actually typing practice.

Eg. I write down a list of words: them|there|&|this|that
when I go to do the practice the words 'them' and 'there' are included but the '&' character and every word after it seem to not be included in the test. Again I have found that this also happens with the '=' and '#' characters.

it only appears to happen with the '&' '=' and '#' characters, as I have nearly put every character from my keyboard into my custom test.

thanks for the help!