Recruiting 10FF moderators

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Recruiting 10FF moderators

Post by Linsk » Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:08 am

UPDATE: Applications are currently closed. We are no longer looking for new site mods. Otherwise, this topic will be opened again.

Hello typing world, :)

We are looking for several 10FF moderators available over the long term. If you are interested, read on.

Moderator tasks:
The moderator's job is to identify any user with suspicious behavior. It is therefore mainly to spot cheating in the normal, advanced and competition modes, in all languages available on 10FF. But it can also be to moderate usernames, descriptions and / or avatars that do not conform to the site's policy.

Requirements to be a moderator:
- to be of age;
- to have a calm personality and not easily be offended;
- to be a sufficiently accustomed and active user on 10FF;
- to be able to talk comprehensibly in English;
- to be often available.

Recruitment process:
1) Candidacy: If you think you fit the profile, feel free to send me your application by private message.
2) Selection: After discussion and evaluation of your profile, you will know if you are retained or discarded.
3) Trial period: If you are selected, you will be tested on your moderation skills for an indefinite period (at least 1 month though), during which you will be able to report users whose behavior you think is inappropriate.
4) Validation: If you successfully test, you will be officially appointed as a 10FF moderator and you will have the power to ban users and access various moderation tools as well as the moderators forum.

Please reply to this topic only if you have any questions or comments about this recruitment. Any application made directly on this topic will be deleted.

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Re: Recruiting 10FF moderators

Post by Ogmur » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:37 pm

Hello, I noticed under the requirements to be a moderator it says "to can talk comprehensibly in English;", when it should be "to be able to talk comprehensibly in English;".

I also was wondering about if there's an application format to be used when sending in the application or if I should just write about myself, etc..

Thanks, looking forward to your reply!

P.S. what are the forum requirements to send a PM as I am unable to send PMs currently
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Re: Recruiting 10FF moderators

Post by Linsk » Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:05 pm

Well seen, thanks.
No special format for an application. It is simply a cover letter.
And you must have at least 3 messages approved on the forum to be able to send a PM.