Consider a forum update?

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Consider a forum update?

Post by Blootz » Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:03 am

Hi 10ff crew, I just have a suggestion for you :)

I think it'd be worth opening up the forums to allow for more organized discussion, as in adding sections for posting your high scores, for general 10FF discussion, for support, and for off-topic. I think it'd bring in a lot more users. Some forum software choices I'd suggest are myBB, phpBB (if you are adamant on sticking with it) or xenForo (if you are willing to splash some cash for a really good forum software.)

I know a lot of people would be willing to help with organising a forum update, me included (feel free to PM me about that, I have a fair amount of experience), but for the most part I do think that it'd be really awesome. :-)

Awesome website, by the way.

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Re: Consider a forum update?

Post by Linsk » Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:08 pm

Hi Blootz,

The 10FF forum has never been very active and I don't think that is due to its organization. ;) This is already the 3rd version in six years (the first one was on WordPress and the second one in phpBB). Out of general discussion, we already have several specific topics, as you can see. For further support, users can post on the Feedback page. So there's no need to drastically change anything for now.


Re: Consider a forum update?

Post by Blootz » Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:10 pm

I can see where you are coming from, however even something like adding a couple more general categories to the existing forum to promote further discussion, and not needing moderators to approve content would be a worth while addition.


Re: Consider a forum update?

Post by ethereal » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:19 pm

What 10FF could really benefit from is an interface that better encourages user interaction, within the website itself (For instance, a built-in chat interface aside from Gosu with different rooms corresponding to the topics you mentioned, private messaging, and a more sophisticated leaderboard), or if the site promoted the forums more than just having the link at the top of the screen, but with both of these ideas there are drawbacks.

The website interface would require extremely intensive coding to make a reality, which would take many months at the very least. And, if users disregard it as much as they do the forums, there really wouldn´t be a point in spending so much time and effort on something that could easily become obsolete. Upgrading or further promoting the forums would be nice, but it reallt isn´t all that necessary. Most of the users on 10FF are registered and active solely to increase their typing speed and accuracy, and those who aren´t just use it to pass the time or alleviate boredom, which is why the forums are as inactive as they are. For how few users are active in the 10FF community, there really isn´t a point in pushing for an update or promoting the forums more extensively.

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