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Help me with cheater test

Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2021 4:50 pm
by kretkovic
In advance, I didn't realized that this forum was here so I sent an email hours ago. Very sorry for that.

The following is my problem: I created a competition with Japanese, and did the test.

I had a good result, so the no-cheating test was activated.

I had no problems doing it, but the results shows my speed like "0" and isn't (maybe) processing the real results.

I realize that the tester expects blank spaces between words to take my speed.
But the problem with japanese, is that the spaces Isn't used usually, and if I use space every time my PPM will become too slower (Japanese converts words to kanji with space bar, so is too difficult making a space every time).

By this way I think I can't unlock the results until die.

But maybe I just doing it too slow, but I don't think that.
So, can you help me with this?

Some imgs


Thank you in advance.