Unlock top 1000 Text Suggestion Box w/ Incorrect Words Help?

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Unlock top 1000 Text Suggestion Box w/ Incorrect Words Help?

Post by esbillingsley » Sat May 30, 2020 5:09 pm

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this. Recently I've had a black text suggestion box popping up under the text entry line ONLY when I'm playing the unlock top 1000 words. I have been working my way through hardcore mode, and it only recently started showing up. The thing is, it seems to only suggest words I've gotten wrong (showing the incorrectly entered version) when playing hardcore mode. The box shows up whether I'm playing normal unlock top 1000 or hardcore, but not in any other typing tests on the site or anywhere else on my computer/on the internet. It's EXTREMELY distracting. As soon as I type a letter that starts with ANY word I've gotten wrong in the hardcore mode recently it suggests all the words I've gotten wrong starting with that letter. So basically as I'm typing there's a black box popping up and disappearing on my screen. Very annoying to say the least.

Anyone else experiencing this? If so how do I get rid of it?

I've attached a screen cap of what's showing up.

Any help is appreciated! Really enjoy hardcore mode for increasing accuracy, but find it hard to focus given the issue.
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