Difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?

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Difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?

Post by Ayasu » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:07 pm

After looking at both the traditional and simplified Chinese tests today I noticed that with simplified you have to press space to move on to the next word while with traditional you have to press enter, just like Japanese. I managed to find a video which shows a traditional Chinese test on this site and found out that they used a system similar to the Japanese input, but I can't seem to find anything that shows how simplified Chinese works and why it ends up using space instead of enter.

Does anybody know how the simplified Chinese works while perhaps giving an explanation as well?

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Re: Difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?

Post by oanh.la » Sat May 13, 2017 9:13 am

Hi Ayasu,
seem not many Chinese typists at the forum, so your question still don't have any reply yet.
Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese is different. Simplified as it name, it more simple and easy to remember than the Traditional.
for example: love, Simplified 爱, but Traditional 愛
both have different input method too. but I use pinyin to type for both Simplifed and Traditional.
so for me I will type: ai - 爱 愛

- Simplified Chinese:
I use Chinese (Simplifed, PRC) (I use Win7). and as you mention, yes, I have to use spacebar to confirm a word and go to the next word, I think it's normal for use spacebar to go to the next word, compare to Traditional and Japanese, which have to use Enter to move to the next word, it's really not comfortable for me. As you can see Chinese words have lots of homonym, so when you type a word, you have to use spacebar to choose the word you want, then spacebar again to move to the next word. Actually I want to change Enter to move to the next word in Japanese and Traditional into Spacebar as in Simplified, it really more convinient.

And Simplified Chinese, you can choose Pinyin input method or Stroke Input.
about Stroke input, cause I haven't try it yet so I have no idea how it works. And Pinyin, it kind of same as romanji we use in Japanese, for example: xuexiao 学校, in Japanese you type gakkou.

- Traditional Chinese:
I use Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) normally Traditional input use zhuyin input, it's standard. But we can change it into HanYuPinyin input same as Simplified Chinese. (that's what I use now)
so I also type xuexiao for 學校
and also, same as Simplifed, Traditional also have Stroke input method, it called Cangjie input method. And, not talk about you have to remember the layout for this method, you have to know how the stroke arrange to type correctly.

And anyway it's just how I type, so if there are Chinese typists here to sharing how they type, it'd better.


Re: Difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?

Post by Ayasu » Sat May 13, 2017 12:39 pm

Thank you, that clears things up for me! Looks quite complicated with all these different input methods though :P

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