Capping the number of competitions entered?

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Capping the number of competitions entered?

Post by jake_nikel » Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:37 am

To prevent certain individuals winning almost every competition they're entered in, I propose typists are limited to 5 competitions per week. This will give more chances for other site users to taste victory, ending the endless domination of people who are capable of getting well over a century no matter how challenging the words are to type rapidly when they appear on their screens.

I recently entered 4 competitions, all gobbled up by the exact user who won all the English language competitions I attempted to win. Anyone who hopelessly entered this expecting to get top spot, lost miserably. In the space of two days on this website there has only been one winner. Will something be done to end the constant defeats suffered at the finger tips of a world beating typist?! Carry out my suggestion and I think the whole competitive system will become fairer and less untouchable from a new users perspective. Thanks. :|

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Re: Capping the number of competitions entered?

Post by Linsk » Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:15 am

Hello jake_nikel,

5 competitions per week?! Are you serious? :lol:

If there was a limit of "5 competitions per user per day", I could understand it. But what you suggest would dramatically reduce the activity of the competition area. Besides, the unlocking of many badges would be impossible or pure madness: 4 years to take 1000 competitions and 40 years to take 10000! :o And to win some, it would take even more time ...

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Re: Capping the number of competitions entered?

Post by jallis » Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:36 am

I'd say make it like five or ten per day. But I got to say, I do agree with jake in that it is very annoying to have the same people win the competitions all the time. What you possibly could do is to make it so that if you win one, you can only enter 9 more that day, so that not everyone is limited. I use competitions as a way of training, and if I could only do ten that would slow down my progress somewhat (even though I know that I could just repeat the same competition over and over, I like to do different ones).

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Re: Capping the number of competitions entered?

Post by ZappX » Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:43 am

If you have done the training needed to be in such a position, it does not make sense to be punished for it. This is why there are private competitions, where you can choose who you want to compete against. And the vast majority of typists won't win a public competition anyway, and certainly not without laying down the groundwork with a lot of practise, dedication and time. So I suggest practicing much more and wait for opportunities to come.

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Re: Capping the number of competitions entered?

Post by Linsk » Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:58 am

A limit should be based on the number of entries, not the number of wins, otherwise some users could be first in a competition without winning it, which is absurd. Don't forget that it takes 24 hours to get the result of a competition.

So if you want a limit, restricting the participation between 5 and 10 public competitions per user per day, all languages taken together, seems a good compromise so that the site keeps its fun. This will allow multilingual typists to compete in several languages ​​and will also give more opportunities for slower typists. This could even create some strategies.

Private competitions are not always easier, but since they are private, they should be left without any limitation, which is still a good additional way to win.

This would only be in order to improve the fun for everyone. But, hey, you must keep in mind what the word "competition" means. ^^

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Re: Capping the number of competitions entered?

Post by Impermanence » Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:28 pm


Looking at your recent competitions, here are your placings:
20th out of 46
24th out of 62
25th out of 56
22nd out of 55
26th out of 48

So rather than looking at the sole winner as the person "gobbling up" your competitions, kind in mind that 19-25 other people are as well.

With a peak of 75 and an average of 60 based on your last 50 regular typing tests, it may be very difficult to win a competition even with your proposed limitations.

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Re: Capping the number of competitions entered?

Post by n1ffum » Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:53 pm

im a pretty dang good typist at 90 wpm if i do say, and when i take the speed typing test it says i am better than 96% of test takers. i feel like i should win a competition or two, but i will never win here because of that handful of people that log onto the website every day with WPM at blazing fast speeds of 150 wpm or more, do they deserve to win competitions? of course they do, do i deserve to win one or two? i feel like i have earned it. some kind of competition limit needs to be placed on it so that other typists can get in on the fun, constantly aiming for 6th or 7th place isnt exactly inspiring......
above was made mention about the awards and how they would be made unreachable if a limit was placed on the competition entries, my suggestion: change the awards if you change the competition layout, pretty simple if you ask me. :mrgreen:

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Re: Capping the number of competitions entered?

Post by Kaz » Tue May 20, 2014 7:22 pm

I made a suggestion about this awhile back about having typing "tiers" that would have people separated into tiers of competition. Much like age, school size, or ability groups in other competitions. Examples would include educational competitions for age, high school sports divisions for school size, and professional sports for ability groups (Major League vs Minor League Baseball).

It was being looked into according to the suggestions, but I never saw any fruition on it. Had quite a few ways of seeing where people would go in a category and then of course you could move up (or down depending on which situation) per category.

The one I kind of liked the best, and it would eventually put everyone back in the same bracket, its just people would eventually all be winners (to some level) was that once you get each achievement for competitions, you move up to the next bracket. Meaning you could get all of the achievements for winning competitions (eventually, and even those people who can only type 40 WPM would as well) except the highest one competing against only people who don't have that achievement yet.

Don't know if this was ever looked at further, but it seemed to have a reasonable vote rate on it when I left for awhile.

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Re: Capping the number of competitions entered?

Post by qbZ » Wed May 21, 2014 8:18 am

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Re: Capping the number of competitions entered?

Post by LARSSS » Wed May 21, 2014 11:13 am

I can understand the fact that it may not be motivating to aim for the 5th or 10th place or whatsoever as always the same people will win. But, it goes together with a lot of training.

If FC Barcelona wins 10 games, it's not like they are forced to lose the 11th one.

In one way this is not comparable. Someone with a max of 75 WPM will not beat someone with 150 WPM, but someone on place 15 in the Spanish league may be able to draw or even win against Barca on a good day.
But, place 15 in the Spanish league also won't have being first place in the competition as their objective of the season. you will have to set realistic objectives for yourself. If your max is 75 or 90 WPM, it is not a realistic objective to aim for the first place in an English competition.

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