Massive Online Typing Battle

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Massive Online Typing Battle

Post by christianstrang » Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:41 pm

Hey guys :)
I just had an idea for a different typing mode, called "Massive Online Typing Battle".
I will quickly describe the basic idea and would like your feedback, if you like the idea or not and what features you would like to see. Keep in mind I kept the idea as vague as possible and would like your feedback (see "questions" for specific feedback).

Every week there will be one "Massive Online Typing Battle" for each language at a time. The battle runs for 48 hours. Every user can join and will then be put into Team A or Team B (maybe even Team C or Team D). If you type, you will collect points for your Team. You can send out invites for your friends to join your specific Team (rather than joining a random Team).

Goal: To improve the typing ability in a competitve & social way.

[*] What should the user be able to type? Should there be different levels or texts? Be creative :) (I will let you know what I have in mind in a later post)
[*] Rewards: What are the benefits for the user besides improving his typing skills? What is the reward for the winning team?
[*] Powerups: boost the points the users of a team receive for one hour? Unlock something special for a team after the team reaches x points?

These are just a few things to think about, but feel free to post anything that comes to your mind and you think would be fun/useful :)

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Re: Massive Online Typing Battle

Post by Linsk » Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:47 am

Hey Chris,

Your idea to encourage users to practice while allowing them to earn points for their team is very promising.

But I don't understand the interest of teams if they are random and therefore never the same because it prevents monitoring of a team. And it removes any interest to reward teams if they exist only for a single battle.

Also, why only 48 hours? If there is one only battle a week, why not make it last all week? Or maybe make several battles a week?

The teams could be ranked according to the number of correct keystrokes, to promote practicing. Example: In a battle, a team of 10 members could type a total of 200,000 correct keystrokes in 2 days.

About what should type the user, one can stay in normal/advanced mode, to make it simple. But it would be great to have the choice between all the currently available modes: normal, advanced, top1000, text practice, freestyle, numpad ninja, softcore/hardcore (and one can imagine other new options).

In the profile, each user could have a "team rank" which would be equal to the cumulative number of correct keystrokes on all tests taken in all team battles he participated. There would be several ranks to unlock, each would have a name and would correspond to a specific number of keystrokes. Would also be shown in the profile the teams to which the user belongs.

The rewards for the teams could be most of the existing badges (and possibly new ones) which would be assigned to teams instead of users. Of course, this is only valid in the case of fixed teams. These badges would be unlockable in team battles only.

I personnaly would see three interrelated systems:

1. Team battles: at the end of a battle, the winning team is designated and a members ranking is done in each team (we could add some statistics for each user and for each team).
2. An overall users ranking (by country and global) according to cumulative keystrokes done on 10FF (all-time, year, month, week, 24h).
3. An overall teams ranking according to the cumulative number keystrokes done by all members of a same team (all-time, year, month, week, 24h).

Still thinking about the number of teams that can be integrated by the same user, and max number of members per team.

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