A newbie to typing

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A newbie to typing

Post by NewbieTyper011 » Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:07 pm

Greetings, everyone. I only recently acquainted myself with the art of typing, and now I have a bunch of questions. I started using computers four years ago, when I was still a foolish little child. I'm thirteen years old now. I also like to play video games. I had my PS2 console back then, but because I was so stupid I never actually managed to finish any game that I've ever played, aside from a few racing games. I'm willing to learn anything even if it's useless as long as it's interesting.

I don't type much; I think that most of the development of my finger strength came from playing video games. I like to play FPS games. I think fighting games are boring. Quake is the best FPS series ever.

In school, we were taught how to touch type, yes. But I didn't actually try to learn the art, and I quickly forgot of its utilization. I type naturally, and I learned how to type without looking at the keyboard quite easily. Three years ago, I think my WPM was something like 40.

What piqued my interest was a video on Youtube that I only randomly stumbled upon. The fastest typing championship or something, a WPM of 163. I don't really remember.

I recently took a typing test. Which was three days ago, and I continued to type until now. To my surprise, I managed a WPM of 80 with zero mistakes. I was quite amazed by myself and then I took like 10 more tests. I managed to improve from consistent typing speeds of 70-80 to consistent typing speeds of 90-100. I started three days ago, yes.

It's that I don't know how to touch type, and I heard that learning how to utilize this typing method would double or triple my typing speeds. So here comes the questions:

What improvements should I expect from learning how to touch type
What kind of jobs are fast typers compatible with
Are video games really that useless after all? I mean, they require more brains than watching some rehash of a movie with non-existent plot, don't they?
Why is CoD not dead yet
Why don't you stop playing no-skill based games
Would it be possible for me to attain a WPM of 300+ if I type 10,000 words everyday

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I guess so.

Post by Wasteland » Thu Jul 17, 2014 5:55 pm

 You'll take alot of time to improve, never expect you to improve in a short ammount of time and this applies to everything (unless you're some sort of prodigy, I guess) and I really don't think that tutorials and typing lessons are good, because, everyone should type in their own way, you type however you want.

 I really have no idea of what kind of job you can find being able to type fast, but the only thing that I can say is that it can make your job easier and faster, especially if you've to type alot of stuff, obviously.

 Video games are good for you to de-stress and sometimes, even to make you use your brain, especially puzzle games and this kind of stuff and are good to make your reflexes more sharp. Sometimes, understanding a movie can be confusing and can take alot of time.

 Call of Duty is alive because people keep buying it, basically. Even some easy games can be fun and as I said before, de-stressful, that's the main reason for why people should play games, if a games make you stressed, there's no reason for you to play it, quit and move on.

 I don't really think a person can achieve over than 200 words per minute, what I've seen so far is 190 and that is pretty damn fast and I won't expect something higher than that.

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Re: A newbie to typing

Post by bitviper » Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:13 pm

wait you type 80 wpm+ with out any touch typing methods? that sounds like something you made up
but hey who am I to question you, right?
funny how you say you were a stupid child 4 years ago, and you''re still 13 :P
by the way 300wpm is not something anyone has done so go for it :lol:

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Re: A newbie to typing

Post by jallis » Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:35 pm

I'd say typing 80 WPM without having any particular typing method is very possible, however if you're saying you type that fast while looking at the keyboard I'd say you're lying. When it comes to how fast you can become, I'd say around 200 WPM with a lot of training is possible. Any speed higher than 200 WPM would be very hard to attain consistently if you start practicing at your age. Sean Wrona started typing at an age of 2 (I think) and he's one of the few people who actually can keep those kinds of speeds relatively consistently.

Keep in mind, since you're already 13 you've lost most of your potential. The reason behind this is that after you turn about 12 it becomes a lot harder to improve to an extreme level.

Personally, I'd change my typing style to the homerow method (I personally use that method). I can not guarantee that you will improve by doing so, but I personally improved quite a bit. The main difference I noticed was my accuracy. Since you always know where the keys are relative to your fingers, it's tough to miss them at a controllable speed.

Most important of all to you would be this: Don't focus on typing too much. Improving after you've reached speeds of 100+ WPM seems rather useless. Once you're reached that speed you will very easily hit a plateau and improving will become much harder. At that level I'd rather spend my time doing other activities, preferably sports. I say this because of your age. You're only 13. You should be spending your time doing other things such as socializing or physical training and such.

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