Anti-cheat can't beat it...

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Anti-cheat can't beat it...

Post by Kiweh » Fri Sep 18, 2020 8:02 pm

Hello all,

I am an average typer of 120WPM, but i've been getting some consistant 130s in the typing competitions.

However, after a few 130WPM rounds, right behind delawarelights, I got an anti-cheat notification on my 134WPM competition entry.

For some friggen reason, I cannot reach above 130WPM on this.
I've done like 20 anti-cheat runs now and I'm getting 90-110 - this is awfully tough and really discourages me.

I know I'm an averaged 120WPM guy, but to get a nice run and get 130+WPM and have to do it a second time, kinda bums me out as it seems like the anti-cheat scripts have larger words, and if you mess up and don't notice it, it greatly affects your WPM, since there isn't a red indicator to tell you that you've typed a wrong character.

What do I do? Is there anyway that I can prove that I am not a bot?

I don't really expect anything out of this, but I was wondering if anyone else struggles with the anti-cheat or am I just choking really hard?

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Re: Anti-cheat can't beat it...

Post by Linsk » Mon Oct 05, 2020 1:06 pm


A bit late, but I suggest that you record a video of you doing the anticheat. Based on that video, one will be able to tell you what you could improve. :)

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