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Launching a scathing attack on Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said here on Sunday Mr. Naidu had joined the bandwagon of the Opposition parties that had formed an unholy alliance against the BJP.
Claiming that he had been the Chowkidar of the country for four years, Mr. Modi said he had taken a vow to protect the lives and interests of the people and work for their development.
Addressing a public meeting here, the PM said Mr. Naidu had begun differing with him only after he had sought accountability in his spending. The main problem of the AP CM is I have asked for Utilisation Certificates of the money spent on various projects. I am a chowkidar and I have every right to seek accountability of every rupee of the tax payer. Mr. Naidu often talks of ‘wealth creation, yes, from Polavaram to Amaravati, we have seen how he has amassed wealth for himself!’’ Mr. Modi said.
Mr. Modi, who arrived in Guntur at 11 am, also accused Mr. Naidu of taking a U-turn at the cost of the development of the State. Mr. Naidu has forgotten the rebuilding of the State a long time back and is now busy rebuilding his party which is in tatters. He is trying to fool everyone by claiming that he is building Sunrise state of Andhra Pradesh but is in fact to make his son as CM marking a new phase in the State- Son Rise state.
Mr. Modi devoted a significant part of his address targeting Mr. Naidu. He said Mr. Naidu, who had often claimed that he was the senior most political leader in the country, had used his seniority to further his own and his family interests.
Mr. Naidu is senior, yes, he is senior enough to backstab his own father-in-law and founder of the Telugu Desam Party, he is senior enough to switch loyalties and sit in the lap of Congressmen, whom he labelled as traitors not long ago and he is senior enough to shatter the dreams of his fellowmen and forsake the welfare of people, Mr. Modi said.
In a caustic reference to protests by Mr. Naidu who wore a black shirt and the Telugu Desam men, Mr. Modi said he thought that he had the blessings of the people of AP. Before we start any new programme or construct a new building, we ward off evil by draping a black cloth around an object and I think by showing black flags, the TDP men have warded off evil spirits. They said Go back Modi and yes, I will go back to Delhi and win the elections, said Mr. Modi.

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