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Death-an ultimate truth

created Apr 11th 2019, 01:00 by RUHI



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Death is the ultimate truth of life. Everyone has lost several friends, relatives and others. Death is the end which everyone has to achieve. Death is the nothing but end of this body. Body for which we do a lot of things has to die one day. This is harsh reality of life. Our soul is pure and it has to survive even after this body is dead. Death of a near one is painful but we forget everything once we come out of cremation ground or after 5-6 days. Life is full of love for our children, parents and relatives but once we die we don't remember them. For example we don't remember who were our relatives in our last birth. Life whether small or long does not matter but what matters is how we have lived it. In my opinion life should be spent to take care of the sphere of society which needs us. People should remember you after your death. When we were born people laughed when we cried, but death should be like we should laugh and people should cry. Death should be kept in mind while doing our deeds in this way we would not hurt people. Parents or grand-parents should be cared for the most as they have invested in us many years of their life and when we know they are soon going to die because of age factor we should make them happy in whatever way possible. Care for them and society because time is precious and we should spend this in serving others. Never hurt others. Do as many good deeds as possible. God should be proud of us when we go to him. So spend rest of your life as the best of your life. People are watching your today, what you have done till today but you have to start a new chapter from now onwards and people will say that this person has lived fully for few years but lived wholeheartedly. Don't care for what others are saying, do whatever you want to do. People will say something, their job is to say something. Your job is to do something whatever your heart agrees to. And serve people.

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