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Story of prostitutes

created Apr 12th 2019, 04:08 by RUHI



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Prostitution which everyone hates, but directly or indirectly support it. Directly by going there or running it. Indirectly by watching porn, sex tapes, they are girls who are exploited, beaten and are kept hungry until they surrender to this profession. Prostitutes are the girls like us, they do have dreams, aspirations and family. They are dragged into this profession either against their will or for some money. They are either forced by their families or relatives or lovers who betray them. In India, GB road, red light area are two areas amongst many such places. I have seen a video on youtube in which they mention that even police does not help them instead they beat them. Police take bribe from these brothels.  
Have pity on these girls and please do something for them. Even they do not want to live such a life but are forced to live such a miserable life either for the future of their family or fear of gangsters or hunger or their children's sake. Humans are the greatest monsters. Their body is violated again and again, they are abused, beaten, fear of sexually communicable diseases increases. Why the hell this is still going on since ages.
Men, boys who pretend to be well cultured in front of society go there and relieve their frustration on them, why this is still going on. Sports is another method of relieving frustration so why don't people choose that.If you want a woman that bad, please go get married. These poor girls are sometimes exploited by their own friends, relatives, just think about their condition, their mental agony, their physical pain. Why can't we do any thing for them. Why prostitution is still going on in our society. Why girls from Nepal, India and Bangladesh are brought to these brothels. Why some people are making money from these girls. Why can't they live a life full of dignity, respect and independence?
In just 200-300 rupees you get a girl very easily in these brothels. For such a small amount it is shameful that these girls have to sell their bodies. The people running such rackets are merciless, cruel and beasts. They drug them, punish them and keep them hungry till they surrender their demands. Every minute a girl has to sleep with a man who is just there for her body. Why can't we change this system.  
Why can't there be any other profession for them, why police has to take bribe and let it go on. For how many years girls will be kidnapped or brought to these brothels by cheating. Why to play with them. They don't have any one to take care of them.
I urge each and every member of this society to raise their voice on this issue, so that their life can be made better. They are innocent girls like our sisters, daughters, mothers or wives who are not there voluntarily. Nobody dreams of becoming a prostitute but our society, these monsters force them. Government should take steps. Every person of this society has a responsibility towards making their lives better. Kindly help them!!  

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