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Cara copy hhe

created Apr 12th 2019, 16:04 by bignigincoming



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it just sucks that i knew months ago cara was a guy, while she was going around messing with dudes.Getting into pretty much relationships with people like neit, essentially playing with his feelings. i could of said something n blew her shit up then when neit was asking me questions but i didnt because i knew she was trying to figure herself out. I didnt judge. I knew "cara" was being cara and i was fine with that. i was never nasty to you or blackmailed u, i never even said so much as rude word to you. So for you not to be able to even hear me out pisses me the fuck off. Now that youre out and everyone knows go ahead n run, right!!! Go fool another community and trick people, play with there feelings. Now that we know your secret you can't do that in our server so run and create a new persona. All i was trying to say is if u stayed we can accept u for being "cara" and people who don't accept it can fuck themselves but u wanna give me attitude and play the fucking victim. How bout the peoples feelings u fucked with. When ur done acting like a child u can talk to me or dont.

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