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A paragraph when in social studies.

created Apr 12th 2019, 18:06 by YeeYeeJuice



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I know that a paragraph is 6-8 sentences but me write/type 12 or more. This is a speed test? Type this as fast as you can then you get a free dog. I am in social studies right now and it's really boring because I don't like it. I had a talk to a teacher about something where you can listen to music without seeing images. It's like a big round thing where you put a big round disk in it. Uh, I am really basically just detailing everything that is happening right now. My friends is next to me and this sub teacher is telling him to listen to John Coltrane. I'm gonna ride till I can't no more. Lmao what is actually happening. The sub said that we could listen to music. Jaja. Alright, now goodbye.  

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