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Project management is the practice of applying knowledge, skills and processes to activities in order to meet deadlines and achieve desired results. Project management skills can be applied to all industries and job roles. Whether you are creating a Web site, installing services and clients on your organization's computers, or developing courseware, the same basic project management techniques apply. You have probably applied project management skills and techniques to projects you have undertaken. For example, before you purchase a new photocopy machine for your company, you assess the need for a new machine and the time frame within which you want it; you determine the brand and model that will best meet your company's needs; and then you contact vendors via telephone for price estimates. You then make the purchase. After the new photocopy machine is put to use, you may evaluate the decisions you made, as well as employees' level of satisfaction with the new machine. A project is a sequence of tasks that must be accomplished within a defined time frame in order to achieve a desired result. Projects differ from ongoing work operations in that projects are temporary and unique. A project has a start date and an end date, and it produces a specific deliverable, or end product. For example, the photocopy machine purchase project began when you were given the task of buying a new machine, and ended when you finalized purchase arrangements. Even if you purchased a new photocopy machine every year, each purchase cycle would be a temporary, unique, separate and distinct project.  
Defining project management terms:
A TASK is a unit of work that must be accomplished during the course of a project. In the photocopy machine purchase scenario, tasks include determining the type of machine you need and contacting vendors for price estimates. A RESOURCE is a person, department or device needed to accomplish a project task. In the scenario, you, the vendor and your telephone can all be considered resources. An assignment is made when a resource is given a specific task to perform.  
As a PROJECT MANAGER (IT or otherwise), you will usually manage project elements such as: SCHEDULES, COSTS, AND PERFORMANCE RISKS. You use project management skills and techniques to control these project elements. You begin the project management process by creating realistic objectives and establishing the scope of the work to be completed.  
The end product or ultimate goal of a project, along with the tasks required to achieve that goal, constitute the project scope. In the photocopy machine purchase scenario, all the work required to research and make the purchase is included in the scope of the project.  
Project scope varies depending on the complexity of the project and the number of tasks required to complete it.  

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