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A  person, who refuses to take an oath or to state the truth on affirmation, when required to do so by a judge, commits an offence. In other words, the refusal to take an oath by a witness amounts to contempt of court. However, in a civil case is entitled to payment of his expenses before he gives his evidence. if the witness is not paid, he is not bound to appear at all to the summons, and it no offence to refuse to give evidence on the  ground of insufficient payment and expenses, before the judge has decided that payment made was sufficient. Again when a person, who is legally bound to state the truth on any subject to a judicial officer, refuses to answer any question demanded of him, he may be punished, BUt , however, a person who is examined by a police officer under Section 161 of the Criminal Procedure code, is not bound to state the truth as he is not stating the same before a judicial officer.

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