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The most dangerous word "I"

created Apr 17th 2019, 06:00 by RUHI



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In this world the most dangerous word is "I". I means expectations. When we say I we expect that we should get many things like we should be treated that way, get respect. But this word "I" is very perilous. All the problems in life are due to this "I". Some of us are aspiring to get i-phone, i-pad etc and say I-paid for them. This I creates ego in us. We start to expect and think what is given to us. I, I, I in everything we say I.  
I request everyone to change this 'I' into 'you'. It should not be what i have taken, it should be what i have given to the world. Since childhood our conditioning is like this we are just taught to take. But we should "Serve, ready to give to our society, our country". When we expect something like respect, it depends on people whether they give it to us or not, but if we give respect no one can stop us. We know that not everyone will fulfil our expectation. So stop expecting and start giving. Similarly, we expect love, money, regard,  they may be given to us or not but if we give these no one will stop us. So, stop using this word "i" and the best way is to live is giving to others. Word "you" should replace  "I". Always serve people, society and nation and expect nothing.

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