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created Apr 22nd 2019, 12:39 by ⓋAdina Elvenmark



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You can live and thrive on a plant-based diet, in fact live longer and reduce your chances of developing many diseases. Basically live a much healthier life.  
So if we don't need to kill animals to survive and thrive, what do we do it for? There's no justification in the violence that's any better than "because we like how they taste", and it's totally out of alignment with who we're striving to be, which is compassionate, respectful, loving... Basically just non-violent people.  
We don't think it's ok to go and stab somebody to death so why is it ok for us to pay somebody else to stab somebody to death? Whether that somebody is a human or a dog or a pig or a horse or a chicken or a fish. All animals are equal, in the ways that matter. All beings tremble before violence. All love life. All fear death. See yourself in others, then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?
If we don't need to stab somebody to death for food, then we shouldn't stab somebody to death for food. And there's at least as much violence and suffering and killing in the dairy and egg industry. And in fact every single industry that exploits animals; for food, clothing, entertainment and medical testing.  
There's nothing crazy or extreme about being vegan. It just means to live as far as practically possible without causing harm to others, which should be the core value and the baseline default of any good society.
Gandhi once said "you can judge a nation's moral progress by the way they treat the animals". Every single nation in the world has slaughterhouses. Where innocent, defenceless, feeling, emotional and beautiful beings go into a slaughterhouse alive and come out chopped up into pieces. Which would mean, by Gandhi's definition, there's not a single moral nation on this planet.
If we can live healthy and happy lives without causing harm to others, why wouldn't we?

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