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The Supreme Court's observations in connection with the Rafale fighter aircraft deal by citing the Comptroller and Auditor General of India's report on redacted pricing, and subsequent media reports and the controversy over stolen files brought back into the spotlight the role of the supreme audit institution of India.
Many questions arise before the stakeholders What is redactive pricing Does the constitutional mandate provide redactive pricing to be included in the CAG's audit reports submitted to the President to be placed before Parliament Do any supreme audit institutions such as the National Audit Office, the Government Accountability Office or Commonwealth countries follow redactive pricing in audit reports
Redaction is the selection or adaption by obscuring or removing sensitive information’ from a document prior to publication. The CAG is mandated to audit all receipts and expenditures of the three-tier governments in India and report to the legislature judiciously, independently, objectively in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, without fear and favour. He conducts financial compliance and performance audits and submits his reports to the legislature to help people's representatives in enforcing legislative oversight and public accountability of the executive. Legislative committees such as the Public Accounts Committee and Committee on Public Undertakings examine the CAG's selected reports.

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