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At later that morning a large crowd gathered on the edge of the city. People had come from near and far to see Rodrigo do battle with the soldier from the North.
As Rodrigo entered the arena he was nervous and uncertain of his skills. The soldier from the North was tall and muscular, clad from head to foot in shining gold Armour, and his reputation was well known. He was undefeated on the battlefield and showed his enemies little mercy.
Two men stood opposite each other with their swords in hand. The crowd hushed in expectation. Rodrigo felt his heart beating furiously in his chest. I must be brave, the young warrior thought to himself.  
I must not shame my family or my King. And if I am to die today then I must do it with dignity and with my sword in my hand.
 It was then that Rodrigo heard the voice of the leper on a gentle breeze that rustled the leaves of the trees and filed the sands from the earth. 'Because you are brave and true of heart, none shall ever defeat you in battle.'
With the leper's words held firmly in his heart, Rodrigo tightened his grip on his sword and charged towards the soldier of the North.
We will never know if the leper was a ghost or a god or a saint, but his words were true. Rodrigo defeated the soldier that day and won for his King the most beautiful of all the cities in Spain.
Rodrigo became a hero to the people of Spain. His adventures and his many victories became the stuff of legend , and he was forever known as the generous and brave warrior.
There was once a very talented craftsman who was hired to build a small church in a small village. The man was given a month to complete his task and he assured the people of the village that he would do as he had promised and build them a beautiful church that would make them all very proud.
The craftswoman asked the people of the village to give him his  wages before he began work so that he might buy food any materials. The Kind people of the village trusted the craftsman and so they paid him his money and believed that he would do as he had promised.
But the craftsman did not begin work straightaway; instead he used the money to gamble and to buy wine. he often slept late into the afternoons and rarely felt like working in the hot sunshine. And so, before he knew what had happened, the whole month had passed and only a few bricks had been laid in the ground.
The craftsman grew very nervous when he realized that he only had one last night to complete the church. He knew that it would not be possible to finish the task in such a short time and he was sure that the villagers would be very angry and would demand that he repay the money they had given him. And so the desperate craftsman decided to make a deal with the devil.
Please, oh devil,' said the craftsman on blended knees, make this church for me in just one night so that the villagers do not punish me.'
The devil appeared in a puff of black smoke and said to the craftsman, 'I shall build this church for you in  a single night but in exchange for my work you must promise me your soul.

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