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I promise you you soul,' said the reluctant craftsman, 'but the church must be completed by dawn and it must be absolutely perfect in every detail or our deal will not stand and you will not get my soul.'
The devil agreed, and in no time at all he called his workers from the flames and set them to building the church.
The craftsman sat and watched with a heavy heart as the devil and his workers went about building the floor and the walls and the roof of the church. The poor man grew more and nervous and down approached because it seemed certain that the devil would indeed have the church completed by down and that it would be perfect in every detail.
As the dark sky turned to a pale blue, the craftsman began to pray to god because he very much regretted promising his soul to the devil.
I could have built this church myself,' mused the poor man. 'I am talented and I am strong and I can work hard. Why I not begin the work when I promised I would? And now I am to lose my soul.'
The Craftsman prayed and prayed that the devil might not complete the work or that the church might not be perfect so that the deal would be brown but as the sun appeared on the distant horizon the poor man was sure that his prayers had gone unanswered. Then the devil stepped out from the church and invited the craftsman to inspect his work, ' It is dawn and I have done as you asked,' said the devil.Now your soul in mine and you must follow me into the flames for eternity.'
The poor craftsman looked all about the outside of the church but could see no mistakes whatsoever. Then he walked inside the church and desperately began inspecting the devil's work in work in the hopes that he might find something wrong and not have to relinquish his soul. But inside, just as in outside, he could find on fault at all.
just as it seemed that his fate was well and truly sealed, the craftsman noticed a tiny ray of sunlight creeping across the stone floor of the church. he followed the sunlight across the floor and there, at the foot of the far wall, he found a single brick was missing.
'You have missed a brick just here!' exclaimed the craftsman. My prayers have been answered for you have not completed the work in every detail and so our deal no longer stands and you will not get my soul!'
The devil could not understand how he had made such a mistake. He was very, very angry but he could not argue that there was indeed a brick missing from the wall. And just as the sun rose up into the sky, and the excited villagers began to gather at the door to the church, the devil disappeared in a puff of angry black smoke.

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