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Is Whaling okay?

created Jun 22nd, 14:02 by Melih Yılmaz



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Commercial whaling is a serious world issue that has always been difficult for those who are in support and those who are against it. Each group defends their side with convincing arguments.  It is still in many people's mind if it is okay to kill whales for commercial and scientific reasons. My opinion is that arguments supporting whaling outweighs the arguments against it and I have the following reasons for it.  
One main reason is that whaling is in many tribes and nations culture. we have no mandate to impose cultural taboos on other people. Since when is it okay to tell others what they can and cannot eat? It is known that many tribes and nations are hunting whales since people started to record history. Whaling is a big part of their culture. They have festivals where they sing, dance and eat whale meat.   
Another reason is that it is good for the economy. Many might think that whale watching is more profitable than whale catching but that is actually wrong. Whale watching is relatively "big" business only in coastal areas with an excellent infrastructure in the hinterland. Present-day whaling, however, is universally conducted from relatively isolated communities with an underdeveloped infrastructure in their hinterlands. Therefore, whale watching may be a modest additional or alternative option for one or two boat-owners within a remote whaling community, but not for all the whale boat operators in the entire community.  
Many may argue that whales cannot be killed humanly. First of all, whales are wild animals and are killed "unawares" after a life of freedom. I think this is more acceptable than the breeding, husbandry, transport, corralling and slaughtering of domestic animals. Second of all, to make instantaneous death the criterion for the moral right to hunt and catch animals would render all kinds of fishing and most types of hunting impossible. And also, the modern penthrite grenade explodes with such a vibration force and frequency that unconsciousness - and usually death - result instantaneously.   
Others may argue the whales are becoming extinct, but one cannot talk about the whales. Rather one must distinguish between more than 75 different species. Not a single whale species has become extinct because of whaling. And only 11 whale species out of 75 are in danger of extinction.  
In conclusion, the arguments for whaling are found in economical motivations and historical culture while the arguments against whaling, which we countered are animal rights and extinction of whale species.  

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