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SSC CGL Tier-4 CPT/DEST Practice-13

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Long before chocolate was made into blocks, it was enjoyed as a drink. The Aztecs made drinking chocolate by crushing the beans of the cacao tree and boiling them with water; they served the drink cold, highly spiced and seasoned with pepper. Spanish explorers, who discovered this drink among the Aztecs, didn't like the pepper, so they added an equal amount of sugar to the cacao before they boiled it. The Spaniards kept the secret of the new drink for about a hundred years. Finally, in the middle of the 17th century, a Frenchman discovered how to make the finely ground cacao beans into cakes of chocolate.
    After the cacao (cocoa) beans have been roasted and their husks removed, you are left with an inner kernel. This is broken into bits called 'nibs'. The nibs are ground under heavy stone mills. The oil in them turns the mass into a thick substance called 'chocolate liquor'. When this has hardened, it is the bitter chocolate used in making sweets and for baking.
    The carob tree has brown, leathery pods that produce a Gum. The gum, also called carob, has a taste similar to chocolate. After being roasted and ground it can be substituted for chocolate.
    WIND, RAIN, SNOW, fog, frost, and sunshine are all signs of the constant shifting of the lowest level of the atmosphere. This continual change is what we call the weather. The weather changes in four main ways; its movement, which can bring cause anything from frosts to heat waves; its moisture content, which can bring rain and fog; and its pressure, which can cause anything from cloudiness days to fierce area is known as the climate.
It may have the trappings of an ideological battle, but the 2017 presidential election has become a platform for political messaging. With the Bhartiya Janta Party fielding and old party hand from the Dalit community, the opposition parties led by the Congress felt constrained to follow suit. While the candidature of Bihar governor Ram Nath Kovind on behalf of the ruling party was a surprise.

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