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fear of Separation

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We people are afraid of departure from our loved ones, we don't want to leave our loved ones. This separation may be due to getting a job, death or any other reason. We just have this feeling but we should understand nothing in this world is permanent. Situations change, we change, people change but why the hell we have to separate from our loved ones? Life is full of surprises, we just have to accept these unexpected situations and carry on. This is what life is all about.  
I am finally getting my first Govt. job but I have a fear that I would separate from my maternal grandparents. They are my life and I am their life support. God knows where will I get that job, where will be my posting. I wish I get a job in my hometown, which is difficult. But I hope I could see them always. I have best grandparents but this is time for my career, I have been unemployed for 3 years and now finally this is the first govt. job which is offering me very good salary plus there will be no more taunts from neighbours and relatives.
I just have to let go of this feeling and carry on but how? This fear of separation is being deepened and gets intense every time I think. I want to be happy about my first job but this feeling, that may be I won't be able to see them daily, is disturbing me. That smile on my grandmother's face and that innocence on my grandfather's face are precious than anything. They gave support to a fatherless girl, grandfather became my father, loved me much more than my real father who left us in lurch.  
I am really going to miss both of my grandparents badly........

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