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A farmer lived in a village, he loved animals so he kept a lot of cows and buffalo in his house. He used to live his life by selling his milk. Once a farmer also raised a dog and a rabbit. A few days later, he got the idea to play with these two. With this idea he took both of them to a field and he made many holes in the field. In one of those holes, he hid 'bone and carrot. Now he called the dog and rabbit and said that whosoever of you will first find bone and carrot, I will reward him. Rabbit was very optimistic, he was hopeful that he would find bone and carrot. While the dog was very pessimistic, he was thinking in his mind that what a joke it is  How can anyone find bone and carrot in such a large field Thinking this, the dog sat near a large pit built in the field. The rabbit was enthusiastically searching for carrots in the field. He saw all the holes one by one but could not find bone and carrot. Then he saw the dog sitting comfortably near a pit and thought that this is the only pit left to be seen. Now he started looking for bone and carrot in the same pit and coincidentally he found both these things there. Now his happiness was not there. The pessimistic thinking of the dog allowed him to lose comfortably and let the rabbit win over the Aran. The dog had already accepted that bone and carrot could not be found in such a big field the market is very dirty now, selling it a little, then you will get good prices. For the moment you get a job at my shop, I need a trustworthy boy anyway. The boy started learning shop work from the next day. There he was taught the work of testing diamonds and jewels. Now there was no financial problem in that boy's house. Gradually, in the trial of gems, its fame began to spread to distant cities. People from far and wide started coming to him to get their jewelery tested. Once his uncle called him and said that the necklace you wanted to sell, bring it now. As soon as the boy went home and looked closely at the mothers necklace and found that the necklace was fake. He immediately ran to uncle and asked him why you did not tell me the truth only when I came to sell this necklace On this, the uncle said that if I were to tell you the truth at that time, you would think that in the time of crisis, uncle is telling.

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