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Today, I am standing here in front of you all as your class teacher and also to deliver a speech on road safety. Now you are no longer small kids who do not know the safety rules while walking on the road. There a great saying, Its better to be safe than sorry. However, we tend to forget all this and become careless at times so much so that we risk our lives and put it in danger. Dont we keep hearing the news of the count of people who become a victim of road rage or get involved in road accidents? Unfortunately, some die right on the spot and some receive serious injuries that last for the lifetime. Accidents from vehicle have become a big reason behind increased death rates in our country and amidst the time when the government is implementing road safety measures. Hence, this establishes the fact that everyone especially pedestrians must remain vigilant while taking the road and must adhere to the safety rules. It is a pedestrian who is chiefly responsible for the accident as it is only when he/she walks carelessly not paying any heed to the traffic signal or do not walk on the designated crosswalk that fatal cases of injuries occur. So I request all of you to remain watchful and never be in a hurry while being on the road. Besides, many people are often seen disrupting the usual flow of traffic, please note that it can also prove very dangerous to ones lives and therefore should strictly avoid it. Always use zebra crossing in order to walk down the road. Keep your eyes and ears open and listen to the sound of horns if blown around you. If you are going to step out of it, then wait for it to stop properly and make sure that no other vehicle is obstructing your path. Make it a point to carry some reflective material so that the drivers can do sense your presence from a distance itself. Never ignore stop signs as when people do that serious road accidents occur.

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