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What is a wolf Kharu Banjare said I can kill a wolf with a lone panethi. I believed him. Kharu could not be afraid of anything and though it was about 70 and due to the poverty of one age he seemed to be extinguished; But even then he had to believe such things with his words. His real name was probably Iftkhar or something similar; But its miniature Kharu was very much in the past. There was such a difficult and intractable difficulty around him. His eyes were cold and frozen and his mouth under thick white mustache was as inhuman and ruthless as a mouse. With life he had settled death did not want him; But even then he was alive by spitting on the mouth of time. Without caring for your good or bad opinion he would never lie and show how harsh and terrible the truth could be as if it were from his cruel truth. Kharu told me this story its concrete way and the deep disinterest that he told this story I cannot write in words but even then I accept this story as true  every word of it. I am not afraid of anything except what I am not afraid of. Kharu said. Not one wolf not two four. A flock of wolves  and forth dripping blood and walking there he reaches there. Where the reindeer has weakened and fallen. Or shrieking one moment I make myself triple the stomach of an animal  and stick it there. It was a strange winter and the wolves came out in rounds. Our pit was quite full. Me my father Girsti and three daughters  aged 15 years. We were taking them back.  For what  I asked What do you think of me Hey to sell And which masraf is she Gwalior nuts are small and dirty and are sold well in Punjab. These girls would have been very sharp but they were also very heavy. We had a sharp Banjari Gadda and three runaway bulls. We had left early in the morning Are there wolves I said fast  What did you say Are wolves Would not the bull be shocked  The old man nodded and said  No there are definitely wolves. Well he is ten miles behind us and our bulls are tired; But we have fifty miles to go. The old man said  And I know these wolves they had eaten some prisoners across the year and there was nothing left except the guns of the fetters and the soldiers. Fill the gun!

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