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In her fiery speech in Parliament, Human Resources Development Minister Smriti Irani has focussed the nation's collective attention on how the Congress and their leftist collaborators are responsible for teaching distorted history to school children. For instance, Shivaji, one of the greatest Indian rulers, is shown in a negative light. Irani quotes from a book for primary schoolchildren: "When we teach Shivaji versus Aurangzeb, we need to decide which Shivaji we take into the classroom. Clearly, the idea behind such words is to sow doubt in the minds of young Indians about a great Hindu emperor. It is targeted at killing the very idea that there was a Hindu revival in the 17th century which ultimately liberated India from Islamic rule. It was not the English but the Marathas who ended Muslim rule in India. But these facts are intolerable to the leftist/Congress/Muslim narrative in which Hindus are forever a defeated people. For the leftists, communists and the Congress, facts must not stand in the way of their fictitious view of history. They have gone to the extent of poisoning the minds of generations of young Indians. As long as Hindus remain strangers to their own history, the leftists can remain happily ensconced in their well-paying sinecures in state-funded universities. They can continue to teach the same lies over and over again to coming generations in India and the wider world. Appropriately, Iranis speech comes barely a week after Shivaji Jayanti. It is time Indians realised Shivajis massive contribution to India. The great Maratha was a military genius who built an empire from scratch but it is for sparking a national revival that he should be remembered. Shivaji, the Maratha emperor who established a modern and powerful Hindu kingdom in south-western India from 1642-1680, is undoubtedly the greatest.  

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