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A farmer lived in a village His name was Sher Singh Sher Singh was fierce and arrogant like a lion He used to fight furiously at some point Did not speak directly to the people of the village Neither did he go to anyones house nor did he greet anyone when he got on the way Even the farmers of the village did not consider him egoistic and did not speak to him A farmer named Dayaram came and settled in the same village He was a very straight and good man He used to speak most humbly helping everyone in some way All the farmers respected him And used to consult him in his work.  
The farmers of the village said to Dayaram  Brother Dayaram dont ever go to Sher Singhs house stay away from him He is very quarrelsome  Dayaram laughed and said  If Sher Singh quarreled with me I will kill him. Other farmers also laughed They knew that Dayaram was very kind If he is to kill someone he cannot even abuse anyone But someone said this to Sher Singh Sher Singh turned red with anger From that day itself he tried to fight with Dayaram He left his vine in Dayarams field and grazed many fields But Dayaram quietly disowned him from the field.  
Sher Singh broke the drain of water going to Dayarams field The water started flowing Dayaram came and tied the drain quietly Similarly Sher Singh kept doing the loss of Dayaram again and again; But not once did Dayaram give him an opportunity to fight.
One day his relatives at Dayaram sent sweet melons of Lucknow Dayaram sent melons one by one to all the farmers But Sher Singh returned his melon saying  I am not a beggar I do not take donations from others.
The rain came Sher Singh was coming from another village after filling a cart On the way his car got stuck in the mud of a drain Sher Singhs bulls were lean They could not get the car out of the mud When this news reached the village everyone said  Sher Singh is very wicked! Let him sit in the drain overnight  But Dayaram caught his mighty bull and walked towards the drain People stopped him and said  Dayaram Sher Singh kisses you a lot You used to say that if you fight with me I will kill him Then why do you go to help him today.
Dayaram opened Sher Singh bails and added them to his bullock cart his strong bails pulled the car out of the drain. Sher Singh came home with the car. His evil spirit changed from that day itself. He used to say Dayaram killed me with his favor.  

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