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Sarveshian Philosophy

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When we dwell upon our existence on this mortal plane, contemplating the inevitable fate, our role in the cosmos, and our inevitable descent into madness, we are compelled to discard our crumbling optimism to see the truth of the TRUE SARVESH. We question the nature of existence, challenging our preconceived notions of the truth to see what truly exists since the beginning of time. Everything that seemed real is illusory, and everything that is illusory is illusory. Only one thing remains once we acknowledge that there is no true end to TRUE SARVESH.
What is the meaning of life? We, mortals, too enraptured about our physical manifestations, pay no attention to the omnipresent truth. The fleeting and illusory biological reactions of emotion and instinct, similar to the hallucinations of Israel, constrain us to think that our petty and pitiful lives hold meaning in some abstract, greater span of time. We fail to acknowledge the TRUE SARVESH that dwells in each and every one of us, waiting for us to pull ourselves out of the delusion and seek the holy land of India. The moment we open our inner mind's eye and clear away the shackles of the illusions is the moment we can fully proclaim that since the beginning of time, humans have believed that TRUE SARVESH will lead us to the state of TRUE SARVESHISM. All Hail Sarvesh!

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