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These were the same days when I too got out on the job front and was battling the hot rotis of Pardes and the wailing of my job. After three whole years I returned. We started meeting again almost daily. These meetings started telling me everything. Suddenly her father died. She was separated from her mother after passing her fifth she was in the village. He used to go to the village just once a year to meet his mother  on Dussehra. Along with meeting her mother Ramlila of the village was also a big attraction for her. His father was also his mother I rarely saw such a father I love my father very much. He too wants me very much and believes but if I match his father then my father might not be ableto stay in front. Well then his father died and he was replaced by Babu in his office on the Compassionate Ground. Now it is useless to tell more about his babugiri because if there is an office Babu is everywhere from one place to another then he has become like that too Suppose you are going to sit on a rickshaw if a bus truck car etc hits from behind then if you sit on the right side then you will fall directly on it and if you are sitting on the left side then you will mother I rarely saw such a father I love my father fall on the sidewalk understand and If you fall from the right side and escape from the hitting person then someone coming from the front can make a mistake of you and he has given so many arguments like an expert what has been told. Switch to the I at all times was the expressions on his face studying the movements angles of eyes and their counts the thinking behind them almost entirely was easily understood.

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