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If you stay in my ashram for two years  A youth troubled by poverty went to the river to end his life but a monk there refused him to do so. The sadhu heard the problem of the young man and said  I have a knowledge that makes a magic pot. Whatever you ask from this pitcher it will be present for you. But the day the pot broke whatever it was given at the same time it will become invisible.
The sage further said  If you stay in my ashram for two years then I can give this pot to you. And if you stay in the ashram for five years then I will teach you the technique of making this pitcher. what do you want the young man said  Maharaj I would like to serve you only for two years. I need this pitcher at the earliest. I will keep it very safe. Will never let it erupt. In this way after serving in the ashram for two years the young man got this magic pot and brought it to his house.  She wanted to fulfill every wish with the pitcher and it was fulfilled. would like to serve you only for two years. I Built a  house built a palace asked for a servant. He started showing his wealth and wealth to everyone. He started drinking alcohol. One day he put a magical pot on his head and started dancing. Suddenly he stumbled and the pot fell apart. Everything broke as soon as the pot broke. Now the young man started to repent that I wish sir I would not have been in a hurry and had learned the technique of making a pitcher I would not have been poor again today a disciple was going to his village after taking a weeks leave from his guru. Then the village had to go on foot. On the way he saw a The disciple was thirsty so he drew water from the well and set his throat. The disciple had wonderful fulfillment because the water in the well was extremely sweet and cold. The disciple thought why dont I take the water here for Sir as well. He filled his mantle and went back to the ashram. He reached the ashram and told the whole thing to Sir. Sir took water from the disciple and drank water and felt contented. He said to the disciple Water is indeed like Ganges water. The disciple was happy. Upon hearing such praise from Sir the disciple took orders and went to his village. Shortly another disciple living in the ashram reached Sir and he also expressed his desire to drink the water. Sir gave the mushroom to the disciple. As soon as the disciple filled the sip he rinse the water out.

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