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So now you have only one set of facts to go with - that makes your life easier. That is the only version you will bandy on television, print or the Internet. As a journalist, it is your business to keep tabs on the popular pulse and make sure the set of facts you have picked are in sync with that. News must give he viewer or the reader an emotional high. News must entertain and engage, and if it manages to inform, then that we must treat as unfortunate collateral damage. We really don't want to inform anyone of anything at all. We want to keep journalism as minimal mind work. But you will have to camouflage your mental inactivity with frenetic physical activity. That, unfortunately, is non-negotiable. You have to look charged up and bursting with zeal when you are anything but that.  
For the purpose of conceptual clarity, I would like to give you customized slacker guides for different kinds of journalism. we will start with the most high-profile and glamorous kin - television journalism. Here is how you can be a star on television news without ever doing a single half-decent investigative report or unearthing any kind of scam. Be loud, be excitable, be a superhero. Television news is not for the feeble-hearted or the feeble-voiced. Be loud. Remember, we are part of a culture where noise is synonymous with productivity. We do things loudly in this country. Your superpower is anger. You ave to figure out a way of staying angry all the time. Give up on yoga, meditation and chanting classes - you don;t need inner peace. work yourself into a vigilante anger, ask furious questions. Be nationalistic. An important requisite for a television news editor is patriotism. These brave souls place the country above everything - especially independent investigation and verification of news. What these gallant men actually want to do is stand at the borders and lead marauding troops into enemy territory, but they have to lead things from the hostile terrains of cushy, air-conditioned studios.  

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