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Were two goats One was black, one was brown One day they were passing through a bridge over a waterfall A black goat was coming from this end of the bridge and a brown goat was coming from that end The two goats came face to face in the middle of the bridge Both stood up together The bridge was very narrow Only one animal could go through the bridge at once The black goat growled with the gray goat and said, Get out of my way The gray goat also responded in a similar manner, Abe, lets go back, otherwise I will throw you into this waterfall They both threatened each other for a while After that both of them clashed with each other Then, it was all set to begin Both lost their balance and stumbled and fell into the waterfall They started flowing along the stream of waterfall Both drowned shortly after  He came out of the cave and started looking for an animal He saw a rabbit under a tree far away He was playing fun in the shade of the tree The lion moved forward to catch the rabbit When the rabbit saw the lion coming towards him, he started running to save his life The lion chased him down and grabbed him As soon as the lion raised a claw to kill the rabbit, he looked at the reindeer He thought that this little rabbit could not fill my stomach A deer will be better with this The lion released the rabbit  
He followed the reindeer The reindeer saw the lion, and a loud strut ran away The lion could not catch the deer The lion running after him got tired and crushed In the end, he stopped chasing the reindeer The rabbit also went by hand and the deer could not find it either Now the lion repented to release the rabbit  four cows used to live in a forest made of tiger  They had a close friendship The four were always together Used to roam together and graze together She lived happily Whenever a wild animal attacked them, they would face them all together And beat him up A tiger also lived in the same forest His eyes were on these cows and he wanted to kill and eat the cows But seeing his unity, he did not dare to attack them  One day the cows quarreled among themselves They became angry with each other That day, every cow went for a different route to graze in the forest The tiger was sitting in this gaze for a long time He killed all the cows one by one and ate them.

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