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Greece and Details

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There was once a girl named Aphrodite. She would later be known as one of the most well known Goddesses in Greek mythology. Being Greek she is interesting to me along with almost everything else that is based on Greek culture. If there is one thing I love it's the Gods and Goddesses, especially Aphordite and Athena, also that a lot of the Greek mythology is about creatures that are animal and human mixed into a figure, like the Minetaur and the Centaur-half man and half horse-which are interesting, but learning about Demi-Gods, Gods and Goddesses, is interesting as all interesting gets. Learning about them is like learning about superheros and supervillians, for example, Hades and Zeus. These two may be brothers but they are very different and don't act like happy-to-be brothers haha! However, to rap this up so it isn't too long the facts that Aphrodite is probably the best known Goddess when you look for the Goddess of beauty and love, she is the one you think of immediately. One of the best things about her is how you can perceive her attitude by looking at her. She is brave and fierce and determined, all good traits. Therefore, as said before, I love Aphrodite and everything, well almost everything, Greek-and yes that includes some of the mythological stories and creatures-and being Greek rocks!!!!

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