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To get something done, you have to stop merely trying to do it. If you see yourself as trying, you're reinforcing doubts about your ability. When you're merely trying, you're not fully committed. Maybe you're not even sure what you want, or whether you truly want it. Ask yourself, what would it take to get beyond trying? What can you pursue that will leave you with no doubts about its worthiness, no doubts about your ability to make it happen? You can adjust your goal, you can modify your strategy, you can let go of certain priorities and embrace others. You can get yourself to the place where you're far beyond trying, and actually making progress. Trying wears you down, and you deserve better. You deserve to be fully engaged in rich, meaningful effort that's leading to a valued outcome. Get beyond trying beyond doubt frustration and empty efforts. Experience the clarity, the honesty, the sheer joy of making good and meaningful things happen. You can plan and prepare and talk about it for weeks or months or years, but that's never enough. Action is what will make it happen. A verbal commitment is good and a written commitment can be powerful. Yet there is no true effective lifechanging commitment until there is action. When you take action, there is no guarantee of success. Yet when you do not take action, there absolutely is the guarantee of failure. Act early, act often, act intelligently, act with persistence, and be willing to adjust your actions based on the results they bring.

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