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Thoughts create our destiny. So we cannot afford even a single wrong thought. To programme the mind with right thinking patters, we can pause for a minute after every hour to give it rest, and charge it with few powerful thoughts. So whenever an external negative situation unfolds, we don't need to consciously create right thoughts. The mind automatically starts thinking right. What is your idea of unwinding or rejuvenating your mind - is it a weekend getaway, detox, shopping or lazing around? They all do feel great, but don't they seem too far and few? Having good mental energy is a daily necessity, not a random luxury. Practicing self-care and rejuvenating the mind takes just a minute after every 59 minutes. If we don't do it, our mind can get tired with creation of several wrong thoughts and emotions. Regular rest and recharge help our mind function to its full potential. After every hour, pause for a few seconds to check if your mind is fine. If it is disturbed, counsel it. The mind understands and calms down. It learns which thoughts are right and which are not. Also revise the day's affirmations. This cleans the mind, charges it and prepares you for the next hour. Regulating the traffic of thoughts is easy and effective, and needs only 60 seconds to return to peace and happiness. Follow this and see how efficient your mind remains throughout the day. Remind yourself every morning that you are a powerful being. Remain stable, calm and happy in every situation. Take care of your mind. Your mind takes care of your body, your relationships, your work. Pause every hour for a minute to regulate the traffic of thoughts.

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