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Today wind day proves that song as abusive to every person who has given us freedom without freedom and without shield Here the first superintendent who sacrificed freedom was armed with swords with rifle and he gave his He raised the spirit of freedom from death which uprooted British power from here. Mangal Pandey has proved the unique harmony of national love with religious feelings towards Gau Mata by his sacrifice he will be emboldened to the supreme post of Devaloka making him immortal in this world for Yuga age. It had to be as the biggest festival for today because today is the holy birthday of the great sacrifice who gave the first sacrifice on the path that would give him freedom the superlative whose tremor was shaken from that time to London.
There is also a dispute about the birthplace of this Mahavir The first side of which is the village named Dugwa just 18 km from Ayodhya Nagari in Faizabad district where even today a big gate is named after Amar Balidani Mangal Pandey Ji and his Refers to the birthplace. Residents of the place consider the wind site to be the birthplace of Amar Balidani which was the ancestral residence of his father Shri Diwakar Pandey ji Speak to the present head of this village Akhand Pratap Pandey and the distinguished king of Pandey alias Anshul etc. After doing this it was known that Amar Balidani was born in the same village who later started living in Surhurpur his maternal uncle's village just 60 km away  The present BJP MLA of Gosaiganj Assembly Shri Indrapratap Tiwari alias Khabu Tiwari several times After going to that village he paid his respects on Amar Balidani's birthday and sacrifice day.
As proof of the birth place of Mangal Pandey ji the young and old man of village Dugwa Rahimpur District Ayodhya the famous writer Amritlal Nagar ji's Ghadar flowers Suryakant Mishra's book Faizabad's history and the newspapers printed at that time Awadh Gazat etc. Let's give an example. Apart from this books of other authors have also been written to be in the Dugwa village of Faizabad the birthplace of Mangal Pandey ji which has become a center of reverence for the local people there. Ji is the ancestor of every person of the whole world whose fire is burning in the chest to protect India and religion Some people believe the birthplace of this heroic sacrifice in Nagwa village of Ballia district.
The name of this immortal sacrifice was Mr. Diwakar Pandey and mother's name was Mrs. Abhay Rani. Veerwar Mangal Pandey was a soldier of the 36th Bengal Native Infantry in the military cantonment of Barrackpore near Kolkata.  

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